Jeff Mendez

Jeff Mendez

Solutions engineer Jeff Mendez

Florida based Solutions engineer with a strong overall grasp of tech.

I can take your idea and build it from the ground up. This includes everything from devops to clientside and server side languages.

I am available for short-term and long-term contract projects.

To quickly get in touch with me, email me at My rates start at 200$/hr but, I am willing to negotiate with smaller clients or long term projects.

React and React-Native

Currently I am using react on a day to day basis to leverage web and native development. I actually have been using react-native since initial launch.

PHP / Python / MySQL / Node / Backend Development

I have extensive experience with PHP, Node and Python. I am familiar with multiple frameworks with my go-to being Hack/HHVM with Symfony or custom built solutions.

Here is a list of my projects that I have contributed to free, open source projects and have contributed to many more. I do not do open-source much anymore since my time is very limited now a days with the family.

Debugging / Server Management / Security / Devops / Docker

I can deploy servers using anything, AWS, Heroku, Now, etc.

While bringing the product between all of its stages in a fast and continous pipeline to keep downtime across updates minimal.

Build Lifecycle / Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration

I have deep experience setting up and managing build servers including Docker , Vagrant , and Chef Environments.

I can create a complete lifecycle that takes developer code and automates everything from running unit/behavioral tests, checking code quality, setting up dependencies, backing up current deployment and deploying new and stable release.

HTML / CSS / Javascript

I have created usable interfaces to display complex data and can create the Javascript to help power those interfaces. I have even bridged complex systems that interact with a universal api for native to html access. I also specialize in accessibility to make a product ada compliant and usable for the majority.

Contact me?

If you are interested in hiring me, you can contact me by one of the following methods:

I will answer almost immediately!